ZFST 600
Steaker detail


Tenderizing creates a value-added tender piece of meat. It is useful when preparing particularly tough cuts of fresh meat. Tenderizing cuts sinews and softens the fibers, giving the meat a better “bite “ and easier to digest. Cooking time will be reduced and moisture will be retained, enhancing flavor. Tenderizing also helps with marinating, allowing marinate to enter all parts of the meat. For breaded product it will increase the pick-up and hold of the batter and breading.

Manufactured out of stainless steel with a bead blasted smooth surface. Both the upper and lower shaft set hold each 93 knifes, sharply grinded. Outside diameter of each knife 80 mm. Knife thickness 1,5 mm, with 17x sharp tooth each 9 mm wide and 10 mm high. The free space between the shafts can be easily and accurately adjusted from 6 mm to 40 mm product thickness. The shaft set can be removed easily and quickly. Executed with wire belts. Total machine length approx. 1,5 mtr. Both knife sets have variable speed by means of one frequency drive, up to 10 mtr./min For safety reasons the machine is executed with covers and safety switch. The machines are movable by means of four height adjustable wheels that pivot and lock.

Various models in widths of 400, 600 and 1000mm.


Video Tenderiser