Agitator with spring loaded scraper

Blending cookers for batch and continuous preparation of meat, pizza toppings, rice, pastas, egg products, cheese, milkproducts, vegetables, fruit, sauces, soups, and baby food.

BlenTherm and VersaTherm horizontal blending cookers: cooking, blending and cooling in a single unit. Homogeneous and fast results because of the steam-heated wall and bottom. 50% more heat-exchange surfaces. Patented scraper system prevents sticking and burning on the walls.

The VersaWok for stir-fried products:
- More consistent mixing of the products without damaging them.
- Higher temperatures because of use of thermal oil.
- Texture of products remains crisp because of fast cooling-down during discharge.

HydraTherm continuous rice cooking system, for the cooking of various types of rice and pasta, based on a full absorbtion system. Kettle with double mixing system for cooking and mixing during conveyance,

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